Special Events

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Special Events require a Special Use Permit and Liability Insurance for the event.

This includes using Park Facilites for Parties over 100 People.

  • The Special Event Permit Fee is $100.
    • Additional fees may apply for large groups for water, garbage disposal, traffic control, etc.
    • There is a Special Event Checklist below that outlines what is required to accompany the permit application.
    •  This information must be submitted at least 45 days in advance to your event. The Special Use Permit usually entails a broad range of possible uses and review across multiple departments which is why we need 45 days to process it.
    • If the entire park is being reserved, we may require a multiple day fee of $1200 because the park will be closed the day before for setup, the day of the event, and then the day after for clean up.
  • Liability Insurance is required.
    • The City of Kelso can be added as an additional insured for entities with existing liability insurance, or Event Liability Insurance Policies  are available through Intact Insurance. More information on Event Insurance is available below.
    • Additional insurance for alcohol will be required.
    • We need to know if there are animals, bouncy houses, etc. These may also require additional insurance.
  • We may also need a traffic control plan.
  • A building permit may be required for tents along with an inspection from the Fire Marshall.
  • Parties under 100 people:
    • Park facilites, covered picnic areas are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis for parties under 100 people. No permit is required.
    • Please consider verifying that a large party does not already have a Special Event scheduled on the day that you are planning your event. Confirmed reservations for large parties are posted on the City Calendar on our home page- www.kelso.gov.
    • For questions about the park facilities, please call 360-957-7504.
  • Special Event Permit Application & Checklist
  • Event Insurance Information
  • Kelso Municipal Code (KMC) 12.24 Special Events