Water Treatment Plant

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The City of Kelso operates and maintains a Group 3 Water Treatment Plant. This division of Public Works employs two full time Water Treatment Plant Operators and a part-time Relief Operator. The raw water supply is received from a Ranney well located on the east bank of the Cowlitz River and is rated as ground water under the influence of surface water and therefore is subject to surface water treatment regulations. Chlorine bleach, alum, and polymer are added for disinfection and to enhance filtration for removal of particulate matter along with removing iron, manganese and arsenic. Fluoridation is practiced for the prevention of tooth decay and Ph adjustment is made for corrosion control to protect our utility and customer plumbing and maintain compliance with lead and copper regulations.

The Water Treatment Plant is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the treatment plant, all source and distribution water quality monitoring, and is accountable for providing a safe and adequate water supply into the distribution system.

The following are summaries of the drinking water quality provided to you during the year. This report details where your water comes from, what it contains, and the City of Kelso’s commitment to deliver safe drinking water to our customers.

Water Quality Reports

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Water Use Efficiency Annual Performance Report - 2010

Water Conservation Tips